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Land is one of the most valuable assets anyone can own, but not every landowner in Fairfield has the time, energy, or resources to keep their property well maintained. Unfortunately too many people will put off what they think is a non-essential part of property ownership until an unexpected problem arises.

Brush Removal: More than just for looks

For example, allowing overgrown brush to take over your yard is an open invitation for invasive species to make themselves at home on your property. The last thing you need is to worry about is a tick infestation spreading Lyme disease to your loved ones or visitors. These pests are known for settling on shrubs, bushes, and tall grass, waiting for a chance to latch onto whatever creature brushes up against the foliage.

Don’t put off brush removal until it’s too late!

If your yard is overrun with unkempt bushes, then you are already attracting these disease-spreading insects, and the animals that carry them, like deer and mice. Brush provides the perfect environment for these creatures: with damp undergrowth, shade from sunlight, and shelter from open fields. This is why it is so important to prune your shrubbery regularly, and remove brush or any other unwanted vegetation from contributing to this serious problem that affects so many landowners in Fairfield.


Some people believe landscaping is a “cosmetic” form of contract work that is only useful for those concerned with keeping a prim and tidy yard. Don’t fall into the trap of viewing this vital work as superficial. More often than not, a qualified landscaper can save you money and grief by preventing a huge host of problems before they ever happen. If you’ve been considering getting help from landscape professionals for a while, chances are your yard is already long overdue for a thorough restoration.


CT Tree & Woodland Services LLC has helped landowners in Fairfield reclaim their yards from unwanted pests by removing brush, clearing away rotting leaves, and mowing overgrown lawns, fields, forest paths, and many other small and large properties.

Whether you need preventative maintenance for your yard or restorative landscaping, you can count on us. You’ll be amazed what our team of specialists can do to help open up your yard space to reduce mold, ticks, decomposing vegetation, and let in more sunlight.

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No matter how many acres you are looking to clear from brush or other groundcover vegetation, we can help. The time has come to curb that underbrush and prune that unkempt shrubbery. Call (203) 910-9572 now to receive a free quote!