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If you don’t think you’re using your property to its full potential – you’re probably right. Overgrown bushes, fallen trees, woodpiles, and tree stumps not only reduces the total area of useful acres available for development, they are also an eyesore. CT Tree & Woodland Services LLC is proud to offer an honest, efficient, and reasonably priced land clearing service for property owners in Woodbury and surrounding areas.


Whether you need us to remove one tree or remove several acres of trees, or other “natural litter” like boulders, brush, or tree stumps, no job is too big or too small for our land clearing specialists. In fact, the more trees you have to remove, the better the price! We’re small enough to offer competitive rates for our Woodbury clients but also large enough to handle the toughest land clearing and property restoration jobs.

Land clearing is always the first step:

CT Tree & Woodland Services LLC is dedicated to helping you transform your Woodbury property to meet your needs. The first step to making your landscape remodeling dreams come true is clearing away all obstacles and debris from your property so you can:

  • Open up your yard through to hard-to-access spots
  • Let in more sunlight and reduce mold
  • Make room for a building expansion or home addition
  • Create the foundation for a new deck or patio
  • Clear a building site for an outdoor project like a pool or playground

Get started with any backyard project you can dream up: The possibilities are endless!


Our landscapers are experts in restoring overgrown properties for any residential, commercial, or industrial land you own. We also offer emergency services for clearing away storm damage like fallen or broken trees, which are hazardous when left on or near roads, power lines, or buildings.

Everything You’re Looking For in a Land Clearing Contractor

Whether you are a general contractor, homeowner, woodland property owner, equestrian property owner, farmland owner, or the owner of a large estate, you can count on CT Tree & Woodland Services LLC’s fully mechanized land clearing services, which allow us to complete the job quickly, thoroughly, and safely.

Our family-owned land and tree service company is run by a licensed Connecticut Forest Practitioner (#sfph000959), and OSHA Certified (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) specialist with a combined 19 years of experience in the woodland services field. If you need help reclaiming and clearing your land, contact the professionals at CT Tree & Woodland Services LLC today.