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Whether you have recently removed a dead, sick, damaged, or unwanted tree from your yard, chances are the leftover stump was an afterthought. Unfortunately, many property owners in Woodbury have learned the hard way that removing troublesome trees without removing their stumps can lead to far more trouble down the line.

The Root of the Problem

Tree stumps symbolize “dead” trees, but their extensive root systems are often still very much alive. This means the stump and roots can still, breaking through your newly landscaped yard, or even cracking through sidewalks near your Woodbury property.

Even when the stump is truly dead, it will still attract life in the form of fungi and insects during its slow decomposition. A postponed stump removal can end up costing more money when you later have to contract both landscapers and exterminators to deal with the now rotting stump and all the ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring pests it attracted.

When it comes to stump removal, time is not on your side. Have your stumps removed right away! Your landscape and your wallet will thank you.

Don’t let that unsightly tree stump continue to:

  • Take up valuable yard space
  • Block or damage your lawn mower
  • Accidentally trip family or guests on your property
  • Rot down to the roots and form a sinkhole
  • Attract insect infestations and fungal growths
  • Steal nutrients from your soil needed by nearby plants
  • Resurface through lawn, paving stones, paths, driveways, or sidewalks

DIYrs Beware: Stump Removals are no Picnic

Tree stumps are extremely heavy, and their root systems are much larger and deeper than most people expect. Many landowners in Woodbury take well-earned pride in their DIY landscape projects, but without the right equipment and technique, stump removal can be a hazardous and backbreaking project. When the last thing standing between you and your fully realized landscape vision is an eyesore of a tree stump, CT Tree and Woodland Services LLC is here to help.

Stump Removal Experts in Woodbury

Our full-service land clearing and tree removal company offers thorough stump removal services in Woodbury for residential, commercial, and industrial lots.

Call the experts at CT Tree and Woodland Services today at (203) 910-9572 to quickly, safely, and thoroughly remove any tree stumps on your property.