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There is more to expanding your yard than laying down new grass. If you don’t invest in professional yard expansion services by qualified landscapers, you will lose more money in the long run when you’re dealing with uneven topsoil, sinkholes, termites, and more hazards that many landowners in Fairfield don’t foresee.

A full-scale yard expansions project will usually involve:

  • Land clearing
  • Site leveling
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • Grass installation

That is simply too much work for the average DIY landowner! Not to mention it takes experience and skill to properly grade the topsoil, successfully remove tree stumps, and create a healthy foundation for your new yard to thrive.

Creating a Yard: Step-by-Step

Contracting CT Tree and Woodland Services LLC for your yard expansion project is a cost-effective way to get the most value from your property in Fairfield. Our services are thorough and will cover every step from start to finish:

  1. We will make sure the house or building lot is properly cleared, then graded so the new soil is matched to the natural landscape.
  2. We will thoroughly remove stumps so that their extensive root systems do not damage your new lawn in the future.
  3. We will put the final touches on your expanded yard with the installation of brand new grass.
  4. If you have debris left over from any tree and stump removals, we will recycle everything from the woodchips for mulch to the logs for lumber or firewood to help reduce waste for landfills.


Since 2009, our company has been helping landowners in Fairfield convert their residential, commercial or industrial properties around into fully formed landscapes. From modest backyards to large properties, farmlands, or fields, we are proud in our ability to take a customer’s property and transforming it into what they always envisioned.

Contract CT Tree and Woodland Services LLC to help you improve and enjoy more of your outdoor property with a first-rate yard expansion job. Call us now at (203) 910-9572 for a free estimate on your project.